Props to @whack for the rustlings recommendation, the borrow checker is no longer a foreign animal to me

If you want a preview of how easy nix makes running a Mastodon instance:

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Hello #Hachyderm. Two very important updates:

1. @hazelweakly is a god damned witch
2. NixOS is the future

Thanks for your patience; is all up-to-date 👍 (upgrade to 4.0.0 is still pending NixOS upstream, they're vetting and testing it)

Lol, NixOS rebuild from 3.5.3 ➡ 3.5.5 was so easy I didn't realize it'd already completed

Server is going in for a reboot for kernel patches. Be back soon, fam!

Updating to mastodon 3.5.5!

@joshmock oh ho ho, fancy seeing you here, I had hoped you'd re-emerge from the smoldering wreckage of birdsite onto something more indie

I want to find time to write a nix blog post SO BAD

Dear I desperately want to find the theme files for this

For anybody on I track the CVEs and release notes for Mastodon, and we're not vulnerable to the latest XSS vulnerability. I'll be updating to 3.5.5/4.x once the NixOS package is packaged and stable 👍

So is there a way to broadcast a toot solely to the local instance? I'm thinking about things like server maintenance, etc.

PSA: iOS client Metatext is, like, very superior to the canonical mastodon app

Typing Ink

Typing ink on onto digital paper for distribution via digital pigeons.